Direct Communication Technologies is please to announce the availability of our new E-Commerce Application & Service
Order Processing. It has the capability of developing custom catalogs. This very versatile system takes a standard interface and allows our programmers the capability to customize the look and feel of your catalog to fit your current site's motif.
D.O.P. stands for "Direct Order Processing "
The D.O.P. system allows customers to take advantage of the vast marketing opportunities the internet has to offer, in a very short time to implementation. D.O.P.'s basic functionality can take your business catalog or product list, and have you selling online in as little as one week. You can also take multiple lists of products from various vendors, insert them into the D.O.P. system, and provide a merged interface to those catalogs, all the while your customers see only you. At order time, D.O.P. can separate the order, and submit the various pieces to their respective vendors for order fulfillment. Written with customizations in mind, C.O.P.S offers a simple interface to allow quick emulation of your current sites standard look-and-feel. C.O.P.S. doesn't stop there. Because it was written in-house, C.O.P.S can optionally be modified to any customer's unique online marketing and sales requirements.
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* WebHosting
* Domain Registration
* Multi-User Access
* Dedicated Service
* CGI/SHTML Capabilities
* Access Completed System CGI
* 1 E-Mail Account
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Programming Service
Hourly Rate
Standard HTML
Marketing Consult
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DirectCom can create a custom solution to meet your business's online requirements.
* 15 Years Expertise
* For lucrative internet ventures, partnering may be available
* No Idea Too Bizarre
* No Job Too Small
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