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Direct Communications was founded by group of musicians who love gadgets. We are the guys who always wanted the next new electronic or music gear that would make it easier to make a recording. As working musicians when computers came to the music industry we were amazed at what we could do at home. Not that long ago similar feats would have cost hundreds of dollars an hour and required hundreds of hours to complete properly! Some of us remember when you performed an edit with a razor blade and a loop was really a section of 1/4 inch tape that was taped together and ran looped on a quarter inch half track recorder! That and similar experiences gives our Gadget Guys a solid foundation for the techniques required today to master your electronics.

Over time our interest expanded into satellite and cable television as well as master antenna and securty systems. We provided many a boxing fan the required live feeds via a portable C-Band Antenna for some of the biggest boxing matches. Now we are into VoIP Telephones, computers, PDA's Bluetooth, WiFi and HDTV plus any other new technology (RFID for example.)

Our first computer system was a Commodore 64. You couldn't do too much with it but at least it was a working computer. The first really useful music business computer that we could use was the Mac Plus. We received our first one in the fall of 84 and used it continually until music systems for the PC platform became cheap and available. During this time frame we were called on to assist in building private cable, SMATV systems along the east coast, many of our prewire and electronic installations are still in use today.

Finally Apple Computer has responded to our call with quality audio/video products. Prices might be on the high end (they always were but they are getting better) no one can complain about the quality of the products. Don't think so? How do you spell IPod! Home Theater was a natural growth market for us. As custom electronic professionals many of our customer's and music fans & friends wanted a fine finish to their HDTV and satellite installations. Seeking the very best products that can accomplish the task we made numerous friends and have been introduced to more than a few great products.

Our specialty is developing and installing music systems for the home recording artist. By providing quality support and clear upgrade paths recording masters can be a snap. Our expertise covers prewire cabling, computer networking, music systems, computer setup and installations for your home and office. Please visit our services page for more information.
Our main office is in New York City. We also have satellite offices in Orlando, Florida and Chicago, Illinois. In the market for a new electronic devise or peripheral, click here for more information on the products we sell. Have a question? Or, need someone to review your home theater setup contact us here to set up an appointment .
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