Direct Communications was founded by a group of musicians who love gadgets. We are the guys who always wanted the next new electronic or music gear that would make it easier to make a recording. When computers came to the music industry we were amazed at what we could do at home.

Not that long ago similar feats would have cost hundreds of dollars an hour and required hundreds of hours to complete properly! That and similar experiences gives our technicians the solid foundation required today to master your electronic needs.

We cover the Problems, you cover your Business

We're professionals with years of experience at what we do, we can set it up to work with you at reasonable rates. We're a network of music professionals who have developed a system where you can get the support you need.

We take great pride in our installation and, testing procedures for Voice Cabling and cable television installations. Our main goal is total customer satisfaction through the highest quality workmanship, top quality equipment and built-in upgrade potential for your communication systems.

With offices in the Metro New York Area, Orlando Florida as well as Chicago IL we cover a large geographical area so we can serve our multi-location customers with quality and speed.

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